Stuff from December, 2016

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on December, 2016.


This morning I watched big big snowflakes fall down outside my office window, then float up when they came close to the building, then fall down again. I walked the skyways to the bank and stood over South 8th Street, watching the same thing, transfixed. I wasn’t fixated on avoiding any thoughts or solving any problems. I had no breakthroughs about my life. But I thought I wouldn’t mind sharing peace like this with my daughter.


Trio Ready to Ride

Trio Ready to Ride

Later, Gator

Ess picked out these sunglasses from her diaper bag, and decided it was time to start motoring around. My favorite 7-second video I’ve ever made.



At the Jennifer Kling-Ryan Deisler wedding.



Never used a selfie stick or worn a bow-tie. Two firsts in one wedding. Love you, Bun.

Cream Cheese Bagel

Cream Cheese Bagel

Spooky Halloween Dinner

“A little green food coloring will be fine; the monster looks amazing!” — I wasn’t trying to belittle Mykala’s awesome work, but now that I type it out, I bet it seemed that way.

Ever inventive and vigilant, Mykala responded: “I didn’t color it with food coloring, though.”




Mykala made these edible wonders for Halloween and they tasted delicious. The arms were grown in our garden! (Rosemary.)

Halloween Portrait

Halloween Portrait

Mykala MADE these masks. MADE them. Ok, Esmé’s was store-bought, but the other three, she made. This seems to be a theme with my posts — check out what Mykala made (as Ess would say, with her one-two mama meow paws).

Ess: Katerina Kitty Cat
Mykala: Mama Meow
Dada: Dada Owl
Marge: Supporting Cat (Unnamed)

Ess Meets Snowman

At the warming house, picking out our Christmas tree at Krueger’s.

What I Remember

When you want to save everything and forget nothing, you are always stretched between participating and documenting.


In which we decorate the tree and leave a deep hole in the floor by dropping a snowflake ornament (listen for it).



The Cost of Owning a MacBook

I’m typing this on my MacBook 13" (Late 2008), and you may know its successor as the 101, a machine which updated my computer’s internals but still used an almost identical chassis. The 101 was Apple’s last mostly-upgradeable laptop.


More Christmas

A few nights ago, Mykala drove us around to look at Christmas lights. Ess sang Christmas songs in the back. She took off her boots and then her socks, like she always does. Then she told us about how one of her feet was cold:

“Mama foot cold. Mama foot not under the blanket. Mama foot is cold.”
“Ess, did you take off your boot?”
*30 seconds of silence*