Stuff from October, 2016

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on October, 2016.

Wheels on the Bus

Sunday evening found us driving home from Forest Lake, a bit after Essie’s bedtime. She still tells me “bach seat, Dada” if she wants some company on these longer drives, but this time she seemed just fine with Mykala and me in the front, and her in the twilight in the backseat. Now, Ess talks a lot lately, most of it narrating or monologuing about what she is doing and what she is imagining as she plays. A lot of diapers changed (“put onna keem”), a lot of tucking in and napping. More recently, she plays mama and baby (pig/giraffe/monkey/spoons/pair of shoes), and one of them says “I love you” and gives a kiss. But during the drive, she wasn’t playing with anything in particular, so instead, we hear this:


At the Library

At the Library

Ice Cream



During a family trip to Smiling Pelican Bakeshop in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin.

Bunny Mirror

Bunny Mirror

Ess loves it when we goof around with this mirror/bunny that sits in the back seat.

Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings

Putting on Shoes

Visiting the Rocks

Visiting the Rocks





Light Reading II

When we realized it had been a year and a day since we took a video of Ess on September 14, 2015, we decided to recreate the video. Same location, same stroller, Minnesota Parent baby issue (2016). What a year!

Orange Hair


Ess and Nan

Celebrating Nannie’s birthday.

Ess and Duck Baby

Ess and Duck Baby

Pronouncing Banana

Saving Essie’s pronunciation of banana for posterity.

Apple Backdrop

Apple Backdrop

Portrait Prep

Portrait Prep

Action Shot

Action Shot



I love you, Ess.



At Shadow Falls Park

At Shadow Falls Park

Looking At That Squirrel

Looking At That Squirrel



Flower Girl

Flower Girl


A little visit to the park before family night at Dave and Sandy’s.

Cook Up

“Little bit of eeeehhhhh and a little bit of eeeeehh.”

Serving Mama

Serving Mama

Ess showing her potholders to Mykala.



I finished prepping a crown for a patient of mine, one who always remembers I have a young daughter and asks how she is doing; then they surprised me: gave me a little stuffed bear wearing a t-shirt from where they work. How nice! Ess likes this little bear.

Night Thoughts

Saturday night, Mykala and I watched the Imitation Game, which meant we were up way past our usual 11pm bedtime. Lying down to sleep afterwards, perhaps due to my brain out of practice at inhabiting the narrative structure of a life not my own, I found myself shocked to realize with crystal-clear certainty that my last bike ride with Ess on the handlebars would happen, and fairly soon. Hot tears sprang to my eyes and as I wiped them away in the dark, I told Mykala what I was thinking. Sharing it seemed to somehow make it worse, give it more power.



Mykala and I have a steadily-growing list of movies we would like to watch, but there are so many other things we’d rather do (usually, rather read) once Ess goes to bed that we watch very few movies. At this rate, I expect to miss most excellent new films and all of the new mediocre ones for years to come, because soon Ess will want to watch with us. We are prepared and excited for that.



Nobody wanted to go to the mall yesterday (“No, tay home” said Ess), but it was one of those necessarily unpleasant trips you make to get ready to go to a wedding (this Friday, Mykala’s very good friend from Forest Lake, Jenni Kling, gets married). Anyway, whenever we’d walk into any store, Ess would immediately ask to leave to walk around one of the Mall of America’s many, gigantic concourses. Said she wanted to “see-a people.” But then, she became entranced by the escalators, a word she can kind of pronounce, such that you can understand her if you know what you’re listening for. Ess stood on the stairs for one ride, and was utterly hooked.



Ess-to-English translator, October, 2016 edition:

pump-pump — pumpkin
keem — diaper cream
carefiff — carrot

hot-dong — carefiff dogs made by Mykala by marinating carrots, served on a bun; (they are DELICIOUS)


Help, Help!

“Help, help, Dada Owl! Help!”

Ess uses precisely the same tone of voice when peril is imagined or real. It is a perfect mimc of the higher-register you would use if you were reading a book to a two-year-old and conveying that someone is in trouble, but ultimately will be just fine. You know, low-budget playacting. Also:


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