Stuff from September, 2016

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on September, 2016.

At the Fair

At the Fair

Ess and Bun

Ess and Bun

Standing at the Fair

Standing at the Fair

Ess Walking

Towel Head

Towel Head

Ess got to wear her hair in a towel, just like Mama does when she’s done with her shower.



Ess wanted to wear a tutu on her walk.



Fresh sweet corn, sandwiches made from our garden tomatoes.




The book is Baby Beluga (Raffi Songs to Read). There’s music in the back of the book, so I play it on the piano, and Ess sings along with the baby beluga part.

Caribou Lake

Caribou Lake

Throwing Rocks into Lake Superior

Throwing Rocks into Lake Superior

Eating a Powder Sugar Donut

Eating a Powder Sugar Donut

On the Caribou Lake Dock

On the Caribou Lake Dock

Potato Stamping

Potato Stamping

Purple Sneakers

Purple Sneakers

Mama and Ess

Mama and Ess

Giant Toothbrush

Giant Toothbrush

Library Essie

Library Essie


Paul McCartney, 1965: “Yesterday came suddenly.” I don’t know what that means, but if I squint, it looks like he’s saying time passes quickly.

So, yesterday: I got done with work and went to my parent’s to pick up Ess. She now knows how to put her little shoes on. They look like this:


I Love You

Mykala accidentally dyed her hair orange today, which kind of sidetracked our movie plans. (After some corrections, it’s currently more of a henna shade.) So, Ess and I headed over to my parents for a visit. She was unusually quiet in her carseat, watching the big drops hit her window. At my parent’s, I got to see how Ess is trying to figure out how to go to the bathroom not in her diaper; she’d tell use she wanted to sit on her potty chair, and then absolutely nothing would happen. The stages of connecting the urge to the action to the result are interesting — like the animal and human parts of the brain are learning to communicate for the first time.


Goodnight, Bun

We’ve been teaching Ess that people have more than one name. For example, her grandpa Bop’s name is Michael. “I know a Michael, I know a Michael!” she explains, riffing off her book I Know a Monkey. So, my nickname for Mykala is Bun, which we told Ess kind of in passing, not intending to or even trying really to teach it to her.