Stuff from June, 2016

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on June, 2016.


Yesterday, I received a funny update from Mykala about Ess:

We are playing with Mr. Potato Head, and she grabbed the purse and walked away saying, “Buh-bye hat, bye ear, bye tongue!”

Ess’s enunciation still isn’t great, so you have to imagine that ear sounds something like EEwuh.



It was Essie’s bedtime, and since she sleeps face down, that’s how she puts her stuffed animals to bed.

Life and Death

Just finished giving Ess a bath and putting her to bed. Her adorable, beautiful pink cheeks were sweating a bit at the playground this evening, as it is in the 80s and quite humid. Not much wind. She ran and ran and we walked behind her, steering her out of harms way and keeping her from the things for which she wasn’t yet ready. Now, the sun is setting on this summer evening, one of the longest of the year, and I sit out on the patio, watching the sun set, next to our tomato plants, herbs, and kale. Everything around me is growing and alive and I love moments like this because I can actually convince myself that all the trouble of maintaining all of our stuff and our finances, all that stuff I trouble myself with isn’t what is important. This perspective above the forest doesn’t last long until I fall back to be blinded by the trees. Weekdays seem to be more foresty, weekends more elevated.



If you ask Ess to say the word “carrot” she’ll say care-fiff. It makes us laugh every single time.

And for Ess, the word “straw” is pronounced ffraw.