Stuff from March, 2016

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on March, 2016.

Warm Weather

Warm Weather

The first 60° day of of 2016, so we headed out for a walk in the stroller.


Ess bowled two strikes in a row (with the help of a ramp to launch her ball) on her first day bowling.

War’s Futility

Inadvertent confirmation of war’s futility, from a Wikipedia article about American Samoa:

In March 1889, a German naval force invaded a village on Samoa, and by doing so destroyed some American property. Three American warships then entered the Apia harbor and prepared to engage three German warships found there. Before guns were fired, a typhoon wrecked both the American and German ships. A compulsory armistice was called because of the lack of warships.


So we drove the few hours, through a dark morning up to Duluth, Ess sleeping in the backseat after a few miles of sleepy babble. We were bound for a dance competition for mama’s work, and like she always does on long trips, Ess woke up just as we were turning into the slow roads between freeway and competition. Once there, Ess received a little ladybug from Robin. Meant to be good-luck disposable hand-outs for the dancers, our daughter took her particular ladybug to be rather different than that.