Stuff from August, 2015

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on August, 2015.

Birthday Rocks

Birthday Rocks

Essie loves rocks. Even on her birthday. She’s showing these to Mykala right now.

Birthday Crawling

Birthday Crawling

Wasn’t interested in opening the present, just wanted to crawl on top of it.

Marge Monkey

Marge Monkey

This is Marge the monkey, from Katy.



Honestly Sweet Potato Avocado Banana Cake

Honestly Sweet Potato Avocado Banana Cake

Honestly Sweet Potato Avocado Banana Cake from Nadia Cakes.

Personal Cake

Personal Cake

Esmé’s personal cake. Made with love by her mama.


Hi Ess,

Today, when I got home from work, you gave me a huge hug as I carried you upstairs to get your diaper changed. Then, when I came to pick you up from Nannie and Grandpa’s after my workout, you called me “Dada”.
I am so, so lucky you are in my life. I cherish these times.



8/27/2015 12:41:59pm Mykala Micek:
we walked
she just lulled herself off to sleep peacefully
she was so sweet: every time a plane would fly overhead, she would stretch her hand out towards the sky
it was the cutest thing
i hoped 20 planes would fly over us

Young Again

Out for a walk today during one of my all-time favorite times of year and day (summer, at sunset) with Essie in the Björn, when an approaching biker slowed as he approached: “My son is old enough to carry me now, but how I wish he was that age again.” Then, just as quickly as he’d approached, the biker glided off again.