Stuff from July, 2013

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on July, 2013.

Quarry Trail

Quarry Trail

Prairie Flowers

Prairie Flowers

Prairie Grass

Prairie Grass

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Mom & Katy

Mom & Katy

Blurry Flower

Blurry Flower

Gitchi Gummi Trail

Gitchi Gummi Trail

Superior Overlook

Superior Overlook

Lower Gooseberry

Lower Gooseberry

Trail Shelter

Trail Shelter


Ok, have a seat. This is going to take a little longer than my heavily-edited moderately-stilted prose attempts at wit, wisdom, and condensed life experience. That stuff falls flat more often than not, anyway.

Some things have happened over the past few days that knit themselves into a little ball that I feel the need to tug the strings of. You know that part in a TV show where you know it’s the season finale because you can just feel the writers pulling hard at these strings they’ve strung between characters? I always imagine a sweater, and you have a hold of a few of the pieces and you keep pulling and the fabric is bunching and warping in places. You really see how it is all connected. Ok, this is possibly not edited enough. Starting again…