Stuff from April, 2011

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on April, 2011.

Frat Music

I was leaving the rec center yesterday, and I heard the radio edit of Rihanna’s song “S&M” echoing from a few blocks down frat row. (Or, as the City of Minneapolis calls it “Greek Letter Chapter House Historic District”.)


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Spring Biking

The next two days are street cleaning days for Minneapolis. I finally get to put away the 534 pound mountain bike and get out the 2 pound road bike. This is EXTREMELY exciting.

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Ken Burns

I was not aware that Ken Burns could write this well: “A Conflict’s Acoustic Shadows”:

In our smug insistence that race is no longer a factor in our society, we are continually brought up short by the old code words and disguised prejudice of a tribalism beneath the thin surface of our “civilized” selves.


Tires and Forums

There’s something I love about really tight knit online forums. My earliest experience regularly reading and posting to a forum was at NewCelica.org. I really, REALLY wanted that car (Cf. this post from 2004). It wasn’t just the car, though. It was all these people talking about something that really brought them together. Later, my fascination with old stereo gear brought me to AudioKarma.org; to this day, that is one of the best communities I have ever followed. (After all, one of its Minnesota members invited me down to his house, and FLAT OUT GAVE me an entire vintage set-up… for free. In fact, it’s sitting in our living room right now and we use it every day. I’ve still another chapter to write in that story. I’ll cover that another day.)


Core Power

Mykala, after recently graduating from her 200 hour instructor training at Core Power, is now (almost) certified to teach yoga. By summing up the whole experience in one sentence, I fail to describe the amount of energy required to get through the training. As Mykala was gone for many nights and weekends, I did my best to be supportive, but I got a chance to actually help when her class of budding instructors was required to bring in a novice and teach a class. I was the novice.


Senior Memories

I should be studying right now. I wonder what I’ll remember from this time of my life when I look back. Will I remember freaking out in my first year? Will I remember the endless parade of exams in my second year? Or will I focus on my very first patients and my learning to be a clinician in my third?


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Royal Day Off

We got up this morning and saw part of the royal wedding extravaganza. We both have the day off, and celebrating with a little view into another world was a fun way to start. After dying Easter Eggs late last night, we headed off to the grocery store to buy some British food (crumpets, Earl Grey tea).