Stuff from September, 2010

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on September, 2010.

960 Fails

A lady in South Korea failed her driver’s license test 960 times before passing. Here’s a Korean phrase, quoted from the article:

“Sajeonogi,” or “Knocked down four times, rising up five.”


Graphing Your Emotional Life

I was listening to This American Life’s most recent show “Family Physics”, about the application of physical laws to relationships. I didn’t hear much of the actual episode, but it caused my mind to wander off on a tangent beginning this way: your emotional range increases as you become older, more mature, more experienced. But, earlier in your life, you can not comprehend the depth of pain and joy you’ll experience in the future. So, at any point in your life, you think that your extremes of happiness or sadness are the limits of your emotional capacity. In fact, you think you are plumbing the depths of despair or scraping the ceiling of joy at a variety of discrete points in your life. What is actually happening is an increase in your emotional distance between happiness and sadness. Instead of representing this with physics, why not use math (specifically, y=0.5(x)*sin(x) )? Indeed, in mathematical terms these emotional points are signified by local minima or maxima of your emotional capacities. This idea can’t be new, but I was so excited about it I made a diagram explaining it.


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Trash Cleaning

A few weeks back, I was outside cleaning the trash can (again). It develops certain growths when humidity, heat, darkness, and nutrients (trash) combine in its corners. So, that called for soap and water on the outside. SoftScrub bleaching solution on the inside. At some point during the rinsing phase, I thought, “Well, I must be an adult now. Here I am, cleaning our trash can.” Then I caught myself in this moment of self-assuredness, realizing that I probably wasn’t too much of an adult yet. I had, after all, put off the cleaning for a very very long time.


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Musical Equation

Guillemots + Jónsi = Freelance Whales.

Dental Countdown

Alright! 599 days of dental school remaining. Plus 4 hours and 56 minutes.

In case you are wondering, yes I am actually serious. That’s the amount of time left in school. Not bad, considering we started at almost 1400 days.

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I’m not a doctor, but I play one at school.

Be My Thrill

The Weepies new album is exceedingly excellent. Here, try it out: Hard to Please, track 10 from their new album, Be My Thrill.

Things That Have Recently Happened

My favorite posts to read a few years down the road are the “things that are happening” posts. I find them much more interesting than whatever article was holding my interest at the time. Incidentally, I’m most motivated to post the “holding my interest” stuff over the life-happenings stuff. Paradoxical, no?


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