Stuff from July, 2009

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on July, 2009.

Emails with Katy

Katy: I already got a card, so you don’t need to worry about that! Just the gift … :)

Alex: Got it! It’s on my calendar. I’ll storm my brains.

K: Be careful during that brainstorm. If it’s really intense, there may be lightening and high winds!


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Is it infinitely cruel or impossibly beautiful that we can conceive perfection, but can not attain it?

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Wedding Weather

78° and sunny for Saturday. Keep it up, weather!

Bachelor Party

Just returned from a wonderful night out (aka bachelor party) with my great friends Matt, Steve, John, Nils, Dan, Ryan, and Chris! We went to a great place in Maple Grove called Dave & Buster’s — featuring food, bar, and full gaming area. I came home with the prizes from the night — Gophers fan hand, Dave & Buster’s novelty soccer ball, and poker chips + cards + box! Awesome! So, it was exactly the kind of night I had in mind — nobody puked, nobody was naked, and everybody will be able to get into work tomorrow! I need to get out with these guys more often.


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The Impossible Cool

And….. best new blog ever: the impossible cool.

Waiting for wedding envelopes to print!

Al Franken and the Odd Politics of Minnesota

I love my wife Mykala because she points out wonderful articles in the NYTimes for me. Independence Days - Al Franken and the Odd Politics of Minnesota:

“Minnesota Nice” is real. It’s why you see seed art at the Minnesota State Fair, a popular local art form, expressing all kinds of political and cultural thinking. It’s hard to think of another state in the union where you’d see gay-themed art made out of mix of flax and corn seed.


Royal Lahaina Room

Royal Lahaina Room

Mykala says that, 3 years ago, each one of these rooms had a $100,000 renovation. From the Royal Lahaina website:

Guestrooms and suites feature tasteful décor and exquisite appointments hand-selected by Hawaii’s award-winning design firm, Philpotts & Associates. The Island-inspired guestrooms are designed to connect guests with their tropical surroundings while still maintaining a contemporary look and feel. The rich, teak custom furnishings portray a classic and timeless elegance. In-room guest amenities celebrate the artistry, environment and culture of Hawaii. Custom local artwork and a hand-crafted wall-mounted canoe paddle accentuate the Hawaiian water sports theme present throughout each room.


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Western view from Our Balcony

Western view from Our Balcony

Shortly before sunrise on our first morning in Maui — our beach is below, and Molokai island is a few miles off the coast, on the right.

Heading out in the morning

Heading out in the morning

Our first morning — things to do in Maui!

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Mykala on Kāʻanapali Beach

Mykala on Kāʻanapali Beach

Pictured you’ll see Mykala, the beautiful Kāʻanapali Beach, the Honolulu Advertiser, and frolicking background Americans.

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We Got Married on this Day!

We Got Married on this Day!

Morning Sunlight Makes Great Pictures

Morning Sunlight Makes Great Pictures

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Mykala + Tree

Mykala + Tree

Alex + Tree

Alex + Tree

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Hula Girls Caffe (sic)

Hula Girls Caffe (sic)



A Canon-toting tourist with a massive diffuser-capped flash and an L-series lens took our picture with my camera. Location: along Front St. in Old Lahaina.

He thought my flash was too small. It is. Thanks, Mr. Photograph Man!



Mykala’s Mai Tai umbrella was a bit too small to shield us from the dinnertime showers coming off the mountains.

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Lullaby Music

Lullaby Music

During dinner, a hula dancer and guitar player provided some delightful dinner entertainment. Quiet, soft, beautiful — a wonderful end to an amazing day.

Mountain View

Mountain View

Delicious Fish

Delicious Fish

Mykala Driving Float

Mykala Driving Float

Nice House

Nice House

Buddhist Shrine

Buddhist Shrine

Maui Bug

Maui Bug

First Drive

First Drive

We rented a car for a few days — here we are on Highway 30, on our way to Paia.

Highway 30 Beach

Highway 30 Beach

I think this was along Highway 30. All the beauty makes it hard to keep track of details.

Roadside Picture Time!

Roadside Picture Time!

Mama’s Fish House View

Mama’s Fish House View

UNBELIEVABLE. We ate at Mama’s Fish House just North of Paia, Maui — and this was the view as we dined. We were essentially on the beach. Just ridiculously spectacular.

At Mama’s Fish House

At Mama’s Fish House

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Outrigger + Mykala

Outrigger + Mykala

More fun on the otherworldly-nice beach in front of Mama’s Fish House.

Road to Hana

Road to Hana

This is one of the scenic overlooks on the road to Hana in Maui. It’s a 4 hour scenic drive over narrow, winding roads skirting the cliffs. Crazy-wonderful views. We didn’t make it all the way to Hana, but the roads we did take were dramatic and beautiful.



An example of the seemingly precarious roads on the way to Hana, Maui.

Eucalyptus deglupta

Eucalyptus deglupta

This is the Eucalyptus deglupta tree, also known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus.

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Return from Hana

Return from Hana

This is a view after we didn’t quite make it to Hana and turned back along the road.



Locals hang out and surf, grill, and camp at many spots along the coast.

Maui Mountains

Maui Mountains

Honeymoon Foods

Mykala: “Maui onion rings with banana ketchup!”
Alex: “Sounds delicious!”
Mykala: “Sounds like a toot storm.”

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Memory circle

For our wedding, we received an air freshener called “Clean Linen” by White Barn Candle Company. Mykala plugged it in today, and I realized that 5 years ago, someone (Dan McKeown?) in the dorms at St. Thomas had an air freshener that had the exact same scent.

So, according to my limited memory from my neuroscience course (ha, irony!), olfactory (scent) memories are quite intense, due to the proximity of olfactory neurons to the emotionally-intense limbic system. Soo, this scent is dredging up these fond, weirdly conflicted college dorm transition memories while I am simultaneously feeling these newly wed making-a-house-a-home transition feelings.


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Paternity Ward

Nicholas D. Kristof - Crisis in the Operating Room:

Outside, her husband, Allahdita, was grieving but philosophical. “It is God’s will,” he said, shrugging. “There is nothing we can do.”

That’s incorrect. If men had uteruses, “paternity wards” would get resources, ambulances would transport pregnant men to hospitals free of charge, deliveries would be free, and the Group of 8 industrialized nations would make paternal mortality a top priority. One of the most lethal forms of sex discrimination is this systematic inattention to reproductive health care, from family planning to childbirth — so long as those who die are impoverished, voiceless women.

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Hobbit House

From an email from Mykala this past May. Apartment Therapy presents: Hobbit House in Wales.

Picture Hanging

Dental student + picture hanging. Not a good combination. But, damn, are those pictures straight.

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