Stuff from December, 2008

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on December, 2008.

A More Familiar Rhythm

The story of why I painstakingly overhauled this website and then failed to post to it for almost two months will be told in bits and pieces. Until I reach the end of my current story arc, I defer to the readers that remain:

What’s new with you all?

And I mean this; even if you’ve never posted a comment before, now is the time. I’ve learned that it isn’t possible to extract much meaning from life without people around us, so I really want to know what’s up.


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Suppressed rage

Eight miserable years full of reckless American leadership decisions have nearly passed and the only widely-consumed contrarian views came from network TV: sputterings of miserably incoherent, self-righteous, closed-minded sycophants. Sadly, the most coherent commentary presented has been ironic humor at the current administration’s expense. It’s funny and entertaining, but by no means a catalyst for action. The rest of the opposition to our leaders, as far as I can tell, is composed of scattered bumper sticker sales. So, I ask the same question asked by those who lived through the Vietnam War: where is the outrage? At this point, about the best we can get is this New York Times piece about Bush by Bob Herbert entitled “Add Up the Damage”: