Stuff from November, 2008

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on November, 2008.

Bloc Party

Musical shivers are “go” with Bloc Party’s new album “Intimacy”. Mykala sent me an email saying the album sounded pretty good, so I picked it up 15 minutes ago and gave the track “Signs” a listen while I ate dinner.


Conservative for Obama

Wick Allison is the former publisher of The National Review, which describes itself as “America’s most widely read and influential magazine and web site for Republican/conservative news, commentary, and opinion.” So, you may be interested in Mr. Allison’s recent article, A Conservative for Obama:


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Sitting here studying histology. This is the third time I’ve heard celebratory shouts and whoops from the St. Paul streets outside. What do these whooping people support? I don’t know! I’ve sworn off looking at election returns until I get some more studying done.

The suspense has almost killed me.

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On Search

In late 2005, a Marquette dental school student was suspended over blog posts which were critical of classmates and teachers at the writer’s school. No specific names were mentioned by the writer, but the punishments doled out by Marquette were extremely severe. Loss of scholarship, suspension, community service, demands for a public apology. This (as the article puts it) “draconian” reaction to public expression has caused me to remove tumbledry from public search engines. As a dental student, I’d prefer not to deal with the hassle of defending everything I write to a professional review committee. So, as of a few days ago, no Google search for my name, the phrase tumbledry, Mykala, etc. will pull up this page. Nope. We’re completely unlisted.


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