Stuff from August, 2006

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on August, 2006.

Building in the Lower Quad

Building in the Lower Quad

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Taco Town - “it gets even awesomer”

Taco Town - “it gets even awesomer” - I may have linked this great SNL skit before, but this merits a re-link. The blueberry pancake is one of the best parts.

Flower, Building, Sky

Flower, Building, Sky

Snickers commercial

Snickers commercial - Prancing nouget in the middle sings a song of satisfaction … toooo the world. Great ad.

Constellation Earth

Constellation Earth

“At the library’s entrance stands “Constellation Earth” by Paul Theodore Granlund, sculptor-in-residence at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn. The bronze sculpture’s dancing sphere of seven human figures symbolizes the seven continents and the interdependence of human beings. The piece was commissioned for St. Thomas by businessman Thomas Coughlan in 1984. A duplicate sculpture was installed in 1992 in St. Paul’s sister city, Nagasaki, Japan, as a gesture of peace.”


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The Lowdown on the Sundown

The Lowdown on the Sundown


This morning, at around 12:10am, I purchased a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with some milk. It was one of those late night food runs that you make when you realize you will have nothing to eat the following day. At this point in the day, I do still have the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but there is nothing in it.


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Embarass yourself

Embarass yourself - This fantastic blog entry chronicles the author’s need to explain his restroom activities to a co-worker. I have to admit, I identify with the writer in that I also tend to worry unduly about what others are thinking of me. The consequences of this worry can be serious. And hiliarious.

Musical Favorites, or Annoying Others

Though the subset of tumbledry’s viewing audience able to experience this post fully may hover near (or at) 0 people, I nevertheless feel the need to outline my favorite “break-down” in trance music. We’ll begin with a backstory: trance music is a cousin to techno - to me, it is less electronica and more melodic (at least the stuff I like), and when done right it appeals to my sense of cleanliness and precision. If jazz is the old cherry table with fine classic craftsmanship and a lovely patina, then techno is the computer modelled sleek and contemporary Philippe Starck-designed table. Each has their own merits.


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What a job

What a job - Shooting a Ferrari Enzo … darn that’d be a rough day at work.



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Cool Creamy Frosty

I’d like to point out that Mykala and I went to get the new vanilla flavored Frosty that I jokingly linked her to a couple of days back (I became preoccupied with trying this thing for almost no reason at all). The verdict: they are good! They taste like … well, a lot like vanilla. That’s good, right? I think so. They’re cold, too. Good name, Wendy’s!


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From the Light, Then

From the Light, Then

Two Brothers in a Cafe Latte

Two Brothers in a Cafe Latte

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The Light Means There’s Food

The Light Means There’s Food

Landscape Looking Down River

Landscape Looking Down River

Turn, Moon, Tree

Turn, Moon, Tree

Light, Tree

Light, Tree

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ChocoStix Commercial

ChocoStix Commercial - The inside tastes just like an Oreo!

The most tasteless, god-awful effort to make money off of 9/11 yet

The most tasteless, god-awful effort to make money off of 9/11 yet - The descript of this ridiculous coin:

“First, the base is struck with gleaming buildings on a frosted background. Then the inset of the Twin Towers is magnificently engraved and fitted into the skyline on the face of the commemorative with jeweler precision, able to rise up into a breathtaking standing sculpture. The effect is dazzling - it is literally transformed into a standing sculpture of the Twin Towers!”


Bailey in the Grass

Bailey in the Grass

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Amazing auto-stop table saw

Amazing auto-stop table saw - Uses blade capacitance to detect when human skin is in contact with the blade, and immediately stops the saw.

The video is phenomenal.

Mykala and Kourtni on Graduation

Mykala and Kourtni on Graduation

A Family Dinner

A Family Dinner

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Poster Session

Poster Session

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Rain on the Field

Rain on the Field

Farm Road

Farm Road

Fenced In

Fenced In

Sunset Near Justin’s

Sunset Near Justin’s

Twilight Fountains

Twilight Fountains

Evening Flower

Evening Flower

Black Eyed Susans

Black Eyed Susans

Adorable rabbits

Adorable rabbits - Brilliant cinematic achievement. But seriously - these rabbits are awesome.

There Was No Breeze

There Was No Breeze

Ikea Shade

Ikea Shade

Proms Music Festival

Proms Music Festival - The largest classical music festival in the world. On my life to-do list: see this sometime.

Bluegrass band from … central Europe?

Bluegrass band from … central Europe? - Yeeup, Druha Trava, from the Czech Republic, plays bluegrass music - fascinating to hear that Kentucky style sung with European accents. Great covers and great original stuff.

Via The World, August 24, 2006 Edition - while you are at that page, check out the interview about Ramses’ statue in Egypt. Funniest interview ever - the Egyptian guy is absolutely irrepresible.

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Just Past the Ford Plant

Just Past the Ford Plant

Schmitt Music Mural

Schmitt Music Mural

The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

I really like this Bob Dylan & iTunes Commercial

I really like this Bob Dylan & iTunes Commercial - I never thought I would use “Bob Dylan” and “iTunes Commercial” in the same sentence … but here we are and really, there’s not much to dislike about this little spot. Great music, cool camera work, and probably better video quality than you get on your TV.


Tony and Kim

Tony and Kim

The Four Yorkshiremen

The Four Yorkshiremen - This classic sketch is the root of a common joke you’ve probably heard before. You’ll know what I mean when you read it.

Or, you can watch it.

Candle with Pepper

Candle with Pepper