Stuff from May, 2005

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on May, 2005.

“Titles of Sermons to Which Congregants Might Actually Pay Attention”

“Titles of Sermons to Which Congregants Might Actually Pay Attention” - McSweeney’s lists strikes again. This one is a gem.

Paste without formatting in Microsoft Word

Paste without formatting in Microsoft Word - Thank God in heaven - finally a way to paste text into Word without it dragging all the formatting with it. I think the page I found this link on has a good description: “This has been bugging the shit of me for years and I finally thought of Googling it today.”

Awesome iPod shuffle case out of a pack of Juicy Fruit

Awesome iPod shuffle case out of a pack of Juicy Fruit

Revenge CD

Revenge CD - “I find that if you use it and play it [constantly], people will get used to the noise,” (New York University marketing professor Tom) Meyvis said. “But if you play it loud, then take a short break, then play it again, then break, people can’t handle it. It becomes unbearable.” Via Engadget, via Boing Boing, via Fark, via NY Post (that’s a lot of credits).

Piano Difficulties

Piano Difficulties

93 Year old Telegraph operator whomps SMS texting teen at speed messaging contest

93 Year old Telegraph operator whomps SMS texting teen at speed messaging contest

Airbus A380 Superjumbo Plane

Airbus A380 Superjumbo Plane - For a flying object, this is almost incomprehensibly large.

The Bear Goes to Paris

The Bear Goes to Paris - Fun article by The Morning News.

No Updates? Here’s the Scoop

There has been a distinct lack of updates around these parts lately. That’s not to say that my life has halted and absolutely nothing interesting has occurred. I mean, I saw Kingdom of Heaven which, frankly, is getting better the more I look back on it (I had a similar experience when I went to see Phantom of the Opera). Some of the fighting in there will blow you away, if the rapid choreography is of interest to you. There have been other things, too - our piano at home got tuned and adjusted and now is so amazing to play I think that, were I home, I wouldn’t even be typing this right now. So, I could list out the laundry list of reasons I have been so busy, spanning from the recent Mother’s Day weekend to the rapidly approaching end of this sophomore year of college, but I will focus on one rather pesky section of the latter - our guppy experiment.


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PHP Image Resize Server Store’er

PHP Image Resize Server Store’er - Yeup, you should take a look at this, Justin.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept = Amazing

Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept = Amazing - Check out the glass roof.

Virtual Stan

Virtual Stan - “Dear god, here is Virtual Stan.”

Food at the Binz: Part 6 In a Series

Oh Binz Refectory, sometimes you manage to amaze me. Despite my previous extremely poor food experiences (you may recall the cooking fluid in my fried rice last year), something has been going dreadfully right at my local cafeteria these days. Indeed, today I had exactly three minutes to run in and try to find something to eat. My arms were full with end of term projects, and I thought to myself as I ran to the building, “It sure would be nice if they had something good to eat, preferably something that could be held with one hand. Otherwise I’m going to be stuck with one of those Red Delicious Week-Old apples they always have.”


Fantastic collection of letters by Richard Feynman

Fantastic collection of letters by Richard Feynman - Via kottke.org, I believe.

Improve your handwriting

Improve your handwriting - I am going to give this a try.

Intereview with the creators of Oregon Trail

Intereview with the creators of Oregon Trail