Stuff from October, 2003

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on October, 2003.

Flower Power

I have had this carnation in my room for sometime. It was so vibrant and full of life for so long but it’s time for blooming was bound to pass. Today I noticed it finally withered and faded. I should take it out and throw it away. Is it worth saving? Is something beautiful now past worth remembering only in our minds, where beauty remains unspoiled, or does a dried memory serve as a more powerful reminder of things past and the importance of valuing them? The western sun streamed in and cast the flower’s shadow on the wall; fading slowly, gently. And as the evening light drifted away and died, part of me died as well.


And Justice for Some

Second floor Cretin is my former floor. They are still the floor I belong to in spirit, it’s just that my physical body ended up on fifth floor. Anyways, Cretin 2 does happen to be, this year at least, the best/highest caliber male floor on campus. Fifth floor can’t really hold a candle to the coolness that is second floor … maybe it’s the dude who smokes in his room up here, maybe it’s the loud music at all hours from right next door, maybe it’s the child right below me who is rapidly losing his hearing to an incredible set of speakers playing less-than-incredible music at higher-than-safe levels. But that’s neither here nor there.



The for the past couple of days, it has been Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, and Coldplay. This song, that song, this album, that album, to the point where they mix into one another while I am walking. It’s like mental dj’ing where “Warning Sign” by Coldplay blend seamlessly into “Rapid Hope Loss” by Dashboard to “I Want to Save You” by Something Corporate. By the way, Konstantine still is an amazing, 9+ minute journey through love’s labors lost.



I bought some gum today, it is some of the Carefree bubble gum. It’s pretty good. I’ve been getting into this breath freshness thing. You never know when you are going to need really fresh breath.

Last night I had a really good time at church. Bible: “And the Lord God said, it is not good for man to be alone.” But from the sermon; “Grief is the price we pay for love.” He struck a chord with us. Said he used to beat people up when they called him “Hamburger”, playing off his last name. He said he has mellowed now, and he doesn’t even mind if we call the altar servers “hamburger-helpers”. You just don’t expect this stuff during sermons. It was great.


My Three Cents Worth

I found three (3) lucky pennies today. I should be set for the next three days. Since today is mostly over with, I am lucky through Saturday. Alright!

For the record, the weather has been unbelievable this past week. It takes about one day of cold for you to forget what it feels like to walk around in weather like this 70 degrees and sunny stuff. You definitely take it for granted that you aren’t shivering. Either way, though, it will be good to start another season with the good ol’ wool and leather choppers. Man I love those mittens.


Explanation: Why Things are Cool

Landed my web-design job. Funds status: being ironed out. I’ll keep you posted on progress; the site will be unveiled pretty quickly; after all I am designing for money here and they will get what they want as soon as I can possbily make it happen. Thanks to Justin for making the contact and connection. I also found out that his dad owns some vintage Infinity’s … and loves them. My search for vintage gear continues! By the way (in case you were curious) a drive to Detriot from my house, according to MapQuest, is exactly 11 hours, no minutes. And yes, I am considering finding a way to make that trip to get these speakers I located. My opinion on those speakers: oh it’s worth it. This system I am putting together is absolutely, positively, and completely going to blow you away.


Philosophy: Roger Ames

Sitting in English, I have seen the fall color flare and fade. I remember looking out the window in early September, the sky still bright with the heat of summer and the leaves a deep rich green. Slowly changes have taken place and the cool air has done it’s work. I glanced outside and was startled by the branches starkly outlined against the dirty blue of a stormy fall sky. It reminded me of that part in Phenomenon, where they sway with the trees, feeling the connection to nature. I get pensive pretty easily now; I think it comes with feeling so relaxed. Things follow one another now, food gets eaten, work gets done, fun gets produced. It’s no auto-pilot but how else could I name it? It’s more adpative than that, more dynamic; I would call it reactionary. Things happen and I simply react. Have you ever had that? Maybe it was in a basketball game when you simply flowed with the rythm and were unstoppable, or maybe you just reacted with the answer to a math problem, or maybe you were driving and you reacted on the road without thinking. Imagine existing on that level for so long that you start to feel like you are watching yourself go through your life. It is simultaneously disconcerting and relaxing. But why should it end if everything is going your way? What’s wrong with removing yourself from yourself sometimes? Well, you stop feeling and just do. That has it’s disadvantages, trust me.


Weather or Not

Today it was so warm. So very warm. Probably the warmest day we will have the rest of this year occurred today. It was in the upper 70s on October 19th for crying out loud! The sun shone, the fresh breeze blew, and I wrote a song. It had lyrics, a wonderful tune, and it calmed me down. It probably developed and evolved for about ten minutes as I gradually put into words and music my thoughts and feelings. Finally, I got a song to just flow out of me. I didn’t write it down, and I didn’t make any effort to remember it. It will simply stay in my mind as “that song I wrote that made me feel better.” Nobody else needs to hear it.


Melodic Self Interest

Love these lyrics: track 5 of Cake album “Prolonging the Magic”. Love this tune: last track of Dashboard “A Mark a Mission a Brand a Scar”. Oh, and this Keith Urban song, too. “October” by Eric Whitacre is also mega good. That song came back to me at the piano tonight - I played it again and sang and liked it a lot. It is, however, not good enough to be recorded. To round out the album, I would say it will take about another five (5) songs. Oh, and I got printed in the paper again. I think that’ll inspire me to write in more often.



So I was working out - and I knew this was bound to happen at some point - yes the weight slipped out of my legs in the incorrect fashion and took my shorts along with it. I don’t know if anyone saw - I am pretty sure they did. A word of advice, when doing dips with a dumbbell, make sure to avoid getting stray articles of clothing caught around the weight as you drop it.



The surprise Shayla one day before Shayla’s birthday went off well. Although we ended up not at the house we had intended and the surprise part was rather difficult. I would say it went off with a hitch. Good lord we had a lot of fun with the balloons, though. Did you know you can play music with balloons when correctly struck? Oh, and in addition they make excellent insulators of body heat - quite remarkable if you ask me. But that was a solid party for the birthday. I hear a second surprise took place as well later this past weekend. I should clarify; surprise occurred at UWRF as well. Cake batter ice cream with graham cracker mix-in! Oh yes it’s that good.


Spontaneity Exercise 115

We all want a home. We all want a place to come home to. We all need a place where we are loved and where we are safe. We all cry. We all laugh. We all love.

The why’s the when’s the where’s and the how’s don’t matter anymore. Can you see that? Can you peer through the muck that this world throws on your windshield and see the truth? If you find out how, please tell me.