Stuff from June, 2003

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on June, 2003.

Old Chats

Jckirby82: the ice cream bucket is calling my name
Jckirby82: JJJooooohhhnnnn, Joooohhhnnn, come eat me damnit!!!
Jckirby82: im getting to ur weirdness.. lol.. if that makes any sense
Jckirby82: it probably should cuz
Jckirby82: we weird ones must unite
Jckirby82: under one chat box
Jckirby82: excuse my rather disturbed nature
Jckirby82: mental nature that is
Jckirby82: ok
Jckirby82: i need ice cream
Jckirby82: i’ll be back

drogetserp: bill and ted’s excellent adventure was on today
Bt saber: aha!
drogetserp: totally excellent!
drogetserp: music plays
drogetserp: matt’s head bangs
Bt saber: hmmm
Bt saber: not good for matt’s head
Bt saber: you will fall over when you see my paper bag tomorrow
drogetserp: it’s that bad?
drogetserp: lol

jrcorps2: i love living on a hill
jrcorps2: everything hits me
Bt saber: like wind
Bt saber: rain
Bt saber: cows
Bt saber: trucks
Bt saber: trains
Bt saber: trees
jrcorps2: COWS
Bt saber: know what?
jrcorps2: i should go watch TWISTER
jrcorps2: see flying cows
jrcorps2: “we have cows”
jrcorps2: no i dont know what
jrcorps2: never have
jrcorps2: never will
Bt saber: cows backwards spells the sound they makes “Swoc!”
jrcorps2: SWOC
jrcorps2: MOO
jrcorps2: wait a secon
jrcorps2: cows go moo
jrcorps2: not SWOC
jrcorps2: unless they are flying
jrcorps2: in which case
jrcorps2: they may go SWOC


Ok, big huge plans for a redesign.

1.) Learn CSS and implement.
2.) While doing this, finish color scheme work, and decorative images. Nav bar will be text - the best dang text you have ever seen! Also, need to track down and re-familiarize myself with my database. We have not kept in touch.
3.) Use the text-align: justify; for CSS paragraph stuff so things look more neat.
4.) Simplify, simplify, simplify.
5.) Keep sections inspiration, log, quotes, & pictures. Put the pictures section on hold for now because I need to figure out a better way to manage pictures. Thus, make the pictures backend not-suck.
6.) Be compliant with webstandards for the first time ever. Thank you Mr. Zeldman for inspiring me - I just might purchase your book.
7.) Eliminate messy CSS hacks that push away from the purpose of organization based on content prioritization tags such as the “paragraphquote” div class I am using right now.
8.) Pat myself on the back for using mySQL and PHP. You rock Justin!
9.) Re-write the admin file.


Valedictory Address

Valedictory Address
Alex Micek
June 8th, 2003

Friends, relatives, distinguished guests, and the class of 2003:

We are gathered here today to honor the passing on of a time in our lives called “high school.” This ceremony marks its final passing from our lives. Now, we all have had vastly different experiences in high school, but one thing we have all been exposed to is CliffsNotes. Yeeup, CliffsNotes, those handy reader guides that summarize the characters, plot, symbolism, and important details of a book or play. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a guide that you haven’t heard of: the CliffsNotes guide to high school. Please remember, that all CliffsNotes take time to say “Opinions expressed in these Notes aren’t rigid dogma meant to discourage intellectual exploration” and the same is true here; take what you want. This is a summary of high school on its own terms.



Shortly you will see the results of the past 14 days of work on this website. The CSS has been completely overhauled as has the design, and I am in the process (slow and laborious I might add) of converting the inspirations and past updates to be compatible not as much with the new site design but with standards compliant HTML. The site is now fully standards compliant; an accomplishment that will make it work both now and in the future. Thank goodness!