Stuff from January, 2003

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on January, 2003.

Pertinent Information

This should about sum up how I am feeling right now.

Becca - You Make Me Feel [Dance Remix].mp3

That is all.

Mind the gap.

But not the Gap.

Seeing as not minding the gap has greater consequences than not minding the Gap.

Frames of reference are wonderful things.


I just realized how to fix the offset time on my posts. Since the minutes are negligibly offset, I just subtract 3600 sec/hour * 1 hour = 3600 seconds from the UNIX time stamps whenever I write in the script for it to fetch the date. Wow! I’ll do that sometime soon here. By the by, $time is a wonderful thing - I hope I didn’t redefine it a bunch of times in my scripts. That woulda been a loser move. ‘Night.


Clear as Mud

“If I understood too clearly what I was doing, where I was going, then I probably wasn’t working on anything very interesting.” - Peter Carruthers

The Debate Rages

An interesting conundrum, no?

You tell me.

2 Times 10 or 4 times 5

Well, I really don’t have anything enlightening, funny, or even worthwhile to share. I guess that’s what happens at the end of the term. I’m suffering school Burnout™ and that’s stressful. Upcoming events include a 20 month anniversary, Valentines Day, and a chance for the rich and famous to show off winter semi-formal. These events have the potential to be enjoyable seeing as they have the ability to remove my mind from school. Also included is the possiblity of a Ben Kweller concert, but the details on that have yet to be ironed out. Luck needed, eh. Regardless, I am predicting the writing here to either drastically improve or become quite sparse when English class starts. Either option is an improvement over the limbo that this front page has been in since senior year began. People tell me its time to start having fun. Maybe my idea of fun is different than others. I sometimes wonder. I just read this article about reality shows. In some ways, it could be seen as scary and a sign of a decline in the quality of culture that these reality shows with stupid premises would hold a wide and varied audience captive. Then again, in this self-proclaimed information age; people are really looking to unhook from pop culture, the media, and information itself and just ‘vej’ out in front of the tube. Some argue Renaissance people were more cultured; but they also died earlier and when they weren’t worried about nutrition, plague, invading nations, or problems caused from the above - they had time to immerse themselves in culture. Because we are literrally bombarded everyday; I think we seek respite. Perhaps not. I gotta remember to think of a point before I start writing.


If good things come to those who wait but nice guys finish last, does that mean nice guys are waiting for something good to come their way?


Fun with PaintShop Pro

Come Away With Me

I think Norah Jones should have released her song titled “Come Away With Me” before “Don’t Know Why” because the former track is really good. No, but really, it has quite a timelessly quality and a nice quiet soundscape. I like it a lot. On the more eclectic music side, there is Buena Vista Social Club and the newer CD also by Ry Cooder named Mambo Sinuendo. That’s some good music; let me tell ya! Either way, it takes quite a while to make all these links; I guess that’s the disadvantage to helping one’s readers out. The final music thought I have is a group called “Cherish the Ladies.” This is the link to their album. Anyways, that leaves a friendly dandy music list! Here it is:



Punny, you know.

Vintage Again

I had, of course, assumed that the goddess was better than both vintage stereos and summer break. Ah, me.


I’m alternating between feeling just completely peaceful and serene to feeling throroughly and completely rattled with everything in my life. I don’t understand it. Is it part of the teen life to oscillate from feeling great to horrendous? One would think that there would be a middle road with a balance between good and bad, happy and sad, esctatic and deeply-troubled. It be must that I am allowing myself to swing back and forth. Regardless of the cause; I wish it would end.