Stuff from November, 2002

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on November, 2002.


Yeah, so “Dub I Dub”, one of the songs from DDR really rocks. Only problem is, these new speakers not only move insane amounts of air around, but each has a ten (8?) inch specially treated woofer pointing straight down at the floor. Suffice to say, it causes some issues when people are on the floor below, as not only does the constant booming get annoying, but light fixtures and the like begin to rattle.


Null Bits

So that’s it, one term of school down. There were some unforseen complications in the whole Marty-400-CD operation. First, Marty will probably not be around this weekend. Second, how to derive titles from CD’s that have an entire album, but them some acoustic cuts at the end - will CDDB or freedb recognize these cds? Doubtful. What to do about titles then. Additionally, I discovered that these MP3’s need to be burned at about 192 kbps in order for the CDP-CX455 to seek through the seconds with some amount of efficiency; should I burn at 128 anyways, and disregard seek issues? I think maybe the 192 will go only on the dance tracks - those can always use some seeking.


Ethic of Work

I just can’t get working. Thus, I sit here and try and convince myself of the merits of doing school work. This whole coming home from school do work in the evening thing has got to go. That must be nice about college, being able to get work done in the middle of the day. Looking forward to it.


Just sitting here, reading about some founding fathers from Connecticut. Its research, and it goes with some other stuff whereby I learn about out country and my place in it. Truth told, Political Science never really interested me; I guess I consider myself to be informed enough about the things I want to know about - and I don’t worry about other aspects of government. This, of course, is a good to excuse to declare boredom during second period; I’ll try and avoid that. Anyways, go see this page and you will learn sutff that is good for you. Connecticut compromise? You know it’s important. More later.