Stuff from October, 2002

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on October, 2002.

Physics: Vector Components: Normal Force

A block of mass m = 2.0 kg is held in equilibrium on an incline of angle I = 60° by the horizontal force F, as shown in Figure 4.20.

(a) Determine the value of F
(b) Determine the normal force exerted by the incline on the block (ignore friction).


If only it was implementable

Word processors have spell check, grammar check, format check, tables, columns, lists, bullets, pre-formatted letters, business letters, templates, invitations, clip art, drawing tools, picture manipulation features, and the average computer user could go on and on about them. However, they need one thing. Wouldn’t life be easier if one could hit a button and have the computer analyze the flow of the ideas in the document, and tell the user where their writing went wrong? The button would be called:
Thought check.

Away message

To paraphrase someone’s away message:

“jason - ‘I bought stock for 77 dollars a share, and now its worth 33 cents. What to do?
my answer - get smarter?”

Well, Justin would never do that. Quite!

CDP CX-455

Let’s see:


How about today?

Ok! Maybe we’ll ask the parents today! I hope so. The sooner the better, then you all can start hearing about the music i’ll be buying. And there is so much music to buy.


We’re gonna get it! We’re gonna go buy the CDP-CX455! I can’t believe it. Maybe Justin will help me with something I have to do. Maybe not. But we can all benefit from this thing. I’ll ask him sometime. I’ll keep ya posted.