Stuff from July, 2000

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on July, 2000.

New, Color Coded Design

Tonight I’m just fooling around with the site design. Not much to say, but right now it’s a little discouraging trying to get things to work right. Oh well, I’ll get there. I got my priorities a little messed up thinking about how to make this site. I did the design first, and now I am trying to think about what it is going to be about. I guess I think this one is going to be a little more community orientated with a picture upload option, message board, and hopefully one or two other interactive options. I’m thinking of ideas about how to make it a place where people will come consistently. Updates featuring worthwhile news and interesting sites will be a center point and hopefully I’ll be able to have an announcements section where people can post to others about what will be happening soon around Woodbury. Say what? Uh, sure - you can tell I’m still trying to think about what to do for a site.


More progress on the site design today. Nothing significant, though, considering I haven’t even finished with the main page design and won’t finish it for a while now. I’m still working on content and a focus for the site. Let’s hope that turns out.

On a side note, a friend told me about a really cool online test. Take it! Its so weird. http://www.interactivelunacy.com/weirdtest.htm

Continuing Designing

Well nothing really that exciting for ya today. I suppose that doesn’t really matter considering nobody is reading this stuff anyways. I’m working on the main page (still!) but that should be wrapped up fairly shortly. Then, I’ll have the content figured out and that should go pretty quick. ‘Cept for the interactive sections which will take quite a while to work out.


Wow. Summer is more than half over. I can’t believe it. Hopefully I’ll get my little corner of the web up and running before school starts so I won’t have any real work to do just before school starts. Best to let my brain get as mushy as possible before school rather than work the logic circuits trying to work out the scripts that makes my site run. Speaking of scripts, those are quickly becoming important and I am currently working on the hit counter and current time script. These should be finished without too much trouble and then its on to the community section to write all those scripts. Wish me luck!


The main page and all of the funky code that was written to make it work are done! Yay! Well, not really. There is still a lot of work ahead ‘til I get the site finished. I still have to load in all of the links I have for you people, write tons more code to get the interactice stuff working; I’m always talking about that lately. But the reason I am talking about it is because it’s so important. The Community section where this interacticity will be is important. The question is whether or not I can get if off of the ground. If people don’t come to post announcements, links, or sign the guestbook; it is rather pointless. I hope to get this thing off of the ground, but I don’t know if it will work, I sure hope it does.