Stuff from June, 2000

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on June, 2000.

Digital Blasphemy

digitalblasphemy.com will blow you away.

So you’ve been around the interent. You have seen your share of cool sites, neat things, and stuff that makes you think to yourself, “man, that is cool”. This site is way the heck beyond that. This site makes you think;

“Holy jesus god how the heck does this guy DO this stuff??? It looks photorealistic!!! He has whole castles he designed himself viewed from different at different angles at times of day!! Oh my god, I gotta download this stuff and put it on my desktop now!!! I can’t believe this!!”



jibjab.com is a fun little site

JibJab is a joke site. Some of it is a little sick, but otherwise it is harmless clean humor. Either way, JibJab is a fun website to spend a little time at. They offer animated comics. This is achieved by using Flash; an animator program that imports sounds and images into interactive animated presentations with relatively small file sizes. Flash is so versatile that it is used in everything from programs like Microsoft Encarta to movie trailers. The aforementioned qualifications make Flash the perfect medium to use when making zero budget funny cartoons. In addition to stretching the amazing medium of flash to the max, JibJab makes things like screen savers to keep you entertained even when you are not at their site. In addition to having these great mediums to communicate, JibJab adds another thing to the mix; E-Cards! Made using the themes of their comics, these cards will make you laugh, or gross you out. Your choice! There is an expanding line of merchandise, a subscription option and a discussion board as well. Although the discussion board is still to come, it will most likely be a place where the beginner to advanced Flash animator can go to get good advice, tips, and pointers about making presentations in Flash. Point your browser to, load the Flash, and read the comics of JibJab today!