Stuff from December, 1999

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on December, 1999.

Work discontinued on TI Chip

I have discontinued work on my TI calculator site called TI Chip. I don’t have the time; and even if I did, it wouldn’t be enough. I have one major reason and it is this. That link leads to all of the archived calculator files on a site called ticalc.org. That file list takes about 5 minutes to load on a 24000 modem!! Translation: it is impossible to compete with that sheer number of files. So I have given up TI Chip and now I have time to work on this site and make my little niche of the web look nice. Wish me luck.

Welcome to amicek.com!

Well it has happened again. I’ve made another website. This being the seventh design, I have now added a history section. Actually, I don’t really spend that much time developing websites; when I have time to be on the computer I make or update the sites. I don’t play online games really at all. Think about all the time you spend online chatting or playing games, then take that time and channel it into learning HTML or creating graphics; it yields some pretty good results! If you are new to this, go to the Help section of the site, otherwise just start clicking on the sections listed above; there is enough stuff here to keep you occupied for hours! Have fun!