Stuff from October, 1999

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on October, 1999.

Design Overhaul

Ok, now that the site (design number five) is up on the internet, I have decided to redesign from the ground up for the following reasons:


About Me

Hey all you surfers out there. My name is Alex. I am a Freshman in High School. My current interests include playing basketball, tennis, playing piano (7 years on an instrument sure goes quick!). On the computer side I have done a little programming in BASIC, and very little Assembly.

I am outside and playing sports a lot. I play basketball and tennis in the summer when it isn’t too hot. I like tennis more than basketball so I am going to play tennis on the team this school year. In the fall, I play pick up games of football and when it snows my friends and I snowboard.