Alexander Micek commenting on Banana

Banana? BANANA!


Ess has a stuffed finger-puppet parrot, and she insists that this type of bird is pronounced “paragraph.”

Sitting Forward

Sitting Forward

After an amazingly long time facing the back of the car (over three years!), this is the day after Ess said she wanted to face the front. Shortly after this was taken, she saw the windshield wipers going for the first time, and literally was squealing with delight watching them swish swoosh back and forth across the windshield.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob

State Fair

State Fair

Ess did amazingly well at the State Fair this year — loved the talent show, tromped around with us for a good four hours. Tough view for her though, seeing thousands of people’s knees.

At Nils’ Wedding

At Nils’ Wedding

Evening Playground

When I’m older, this is probably how my brain will remember every single time we went to the playground: perfect summer evening, sun setting making everything glow, Essie having the time of her life.

Safety Mykala

Safety Mykala

Stopping by Playground on a Sunny Day

Stopping by Playground on a Sunny Day

Taking a Friend on the Bike

Taking a Friend on the Bike


Ess is negotiating with a tickle-banana brandished by her mama.

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