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Update: the book is about pigs, not hedgehogs.

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Ha. I kid. I would not discount the sleep deprivation as a possible contributor…

Alexander Micek commenting on Machine Learning

Both. Which reminds me of a perfect summary of what it is like to code, in this tweet from Pixar guru Dr. Wave:

In order to fix that bug I had to:
- have a good night’s sleep
- take a 2 hour hike
and then write one line of code.

That sentiment neatly ties up my experiences. To wit: I remember trying to grok this theory that I had, where I (should) be able to write a simple, recursive template parser. It took me so long to just load up the problem into my head (something my favorite coder John Siracusa talks about) so I could think about it. Once it was in my head, the difficulty was turning over this virtual thing, studying it from different angles, to make sure that what I thought was possible was actually possible. My breakthrough actually happened on a walk I took for the purpose of trying to get to a breakthrough.

It seems programming consists of refining your ability to both write and step through logic in your head, until you are able to get through a couple of iterations of improved mechanics before you ever sit down and start pecking out lines of code. It is analogous to the process of learning to write: first learning vocabulary, rules, idioms, techniques, exceptions to all of those. Then, the painful process of grinding out rudimentary and unsatisfying prose. And finally, writing something with which you are moderately satisfied. And another part of the analogy: when you code, you work with the world’s most ruthless editors: compilers. When your code fails the expectations of the compiler, it does so in the most spectacular, unpredictable ways.

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If you ever wanted to go running with Ess, with me, and Lucy - just let me know! Depends on the day of the week, but I’ve been trying to get out early morning on my day’s off to also work on “maintenance.”

Waltzing with Mama


Light Reading





Currently sitting next to Mykala, listening to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in my headphones, finalizing the video transcoding additions I’ve made to the site. She’s watching a little light television, eating popcorn. Our first round of Christmas decorations is lending a soft light to the living room as candles flicker. George is waiting to eat some popcorn, sitting on the Christmas plaid wool blanket on the footstool. Essie is upstairs, sleeping soundly after an evening of joyfully running around. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.


My Pumpkin

My Pumpkin


How Tall This Fall?

How Tall This Fall?


Kissing a Pumpkin

Kissing a Pumpkin





Eating While Wearing Mom’s Hat

Eating While Wearing Mom’s Hat



Called Mykala today over my lunch hour and the phone picked up, but instead of Mykala, I got: “bahbuhdee BAH… buhdee… Dada. DAHDAH.” My heart felt like it was going to melt.

To translate: Ess has a book that she reads with Nannie about hedgehogs, and they go to the playground. On one page the hedgehogs go swinging, they go back and forth. Nannie rocks Essie back and forth for this page, and Ess loves it so much that she has begun to do it on her own and when something, anything resembling a pendulum, is swinging, she says BAH buhdee. I’ll try to catch a video of it. Try.

So we tried a Facetime chat, and Ess went “MMMMWAH” on the phone screen, which, I mean c’mon… you can’t ask for a single thing more from life when that’s how your daughter is feeling.

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