Hammy the Tank

If you ask Ess to say “snake” she’ll say “tank”. She usually drops the sibilant “S” sound at the beginning of words; if we really try to get her to say it, she’ll go with the “sh” phoneme.

If you ask her to say “Sammy the Snake” you get “Hammy the Tank”.

Also, she put six wooden people in her diaper and when Mykala asked what was going on, Ess was very honest: “…some people in there.” The people got a thorough cleaning and a few days off on the countertop. No further uses of diaper-as-pockets have been observed. Maybe a Bill Cunningham-esque French workman’s jackets — the kind with all the pockets — would be good for Ess. Lots to carry as a toddler.


The Most Beautiful Shots in The History of Disney is, of course, filled with plenty of amazing scenes of animation. But the music, my god, hook up some headphones and behold Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Flight from the City.

Ess Being Ess

“Hey Essie, can you come sit on my lap to read the book?”
“No, I have to see it from far away.”

“Essie, what color is Dada’s hair?”
“Brown, like a moose!”

“Essie, tell Monkey Marge to say goodnight to Dada.”
“Goodnight, Dada. … ooh ooh aah aah.”

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin



Pear Tree

How many birds are in that pear tree?

Christmas Day Night

Christmas Day Night

Very tired after a long Christmas Day. Notice Essie’s blue and pink toothbrushes. They are her friends, she shows them things, and their names are “Bluey” and “Pink Toothbrush”.

Playing in the Snow

Playing in the Snow



Todd Parr

“Todd!” Ess knows what Todd Parr’s books look like.